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Visit of the Cormatin gardens

Visit of the Cormatin gardens

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Meditate on the place of man in divine creation, this is what invites the gardens of Cormatin. And when this meditation can be conducted at the pace of the walker's step, in an environment that is at once baroque, playful, sensual and philosophical, why resist the invitation? From the garden of the five senses, to the labyrinth, via the Lamartine alley, the green theater or the vegetable patch, the visitor will find in Cormatin, material to nourish both his deep thoughts and his taste for nature. This is how these gardens operate, more than four centuries after their creation, after major modifications carried out from 1990 to allow them to recover all their original magic.

Sculptures in the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé Is it the contrast between the carefree nature of the hay meadow and the harshness of the hedges that created this very particular climate? Between green carpet and green theater, here are two lovers who seem to be looking for each other.

Symbol of the apple tree of knowledge in the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé In the garden of the five senses, also called garden of the spirit, take place the emblematic symbols of the art of gardens: labyrinth, apple of knowledge, fountain of life…

Nietzsche quote in the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé There are places that make certain messages obvious. In this, Cormatin is a treasure trove most likely to welcome this meditation by Nietzsche: "It is we who must translate both the stone and the plant so that we can walk in ourselves".

Sculpted topiaries in the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé If there is a time for deep reflection, there is another for fun and gaiety. How to keep from smiling, in fact, before the rounded shapes of these little boxwood pigs?

Many citrus fruits against the walls of the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé Many citrus fruits flourish at the entrance to the vegetable patch or against the old walls which give them warmth. They will be wintered in the orangery during the harsh Cluny winter, before brightening up the aisles again the following spring.

Cormatin garden roses

J-F. Mahé What harmony between the softness of the yellow-orange stone of the Clunysois and that of the roses which flourish on contact!

Boxwood sculptures in the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé At the gates of the vegetable patch, the boxwood sculptures seek to attract the eye and gather attention: "The rest of the visit is there" they seem to say.

The structures in the vegetable garden of the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé We are not here in a negligible part of the gardens, far from it! The design of the vegetable garden, whether it be its crops or its structures, supports without blushing the comparison with other more "noble" parts of the gardens, so evident is the mastery of the play of colors and shapes that animate.

Plessis and wooden structures in the Cormatin garden

J-F. Mahé Pretty structures pleated by skillful hands, while lettuces, cabbage, leeks and other vegetables flourish in a mixture of carefree and rigorous, as under the leadership of a rigorous and inspired conductor.