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The guest rooms: the 5 in Beaune stir the 5 senses

The guest rooms: the 5 in Beaune stir the 5 senses

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At the heart of a popular tourist region, the Le 5 guesthouse in Beaune offers a well-balanced blend of vineyards, countryside and cultural heritage. The 5 senses are awakened here in a designer setting… follow the guide!

The atrium

The 5 A corner of nature is brought with the atrium for a total change of scenery. Its decoration has a Zen side with trimmed boxwood. Pleasant pleasure, especially in the city center!

The decoration

The 5 The house owes its name to its location on the street, since it is located at 5 boulevard de Perpreuil but also to the 5 senses. A theme that is declined in each room.

The Suite - The taste

The 5 The bedroom has a fleshy mouth as a sofa. Enhanced by the ambient tones of gray, the atmosphere is both felted and padded for a stay in cocooning mode.

The suite - The view

The 5 The bedroom is decorated in a total white look. Covering almost 100m2, it hosts a bedroom and an adjoining living room. Its style is refined but its decoration is not afraid of the mixture of genres. Beautiful noble materials such as leather rub shoulders with flea markets like designer items.

The bathroom

Le 5 All treated in the same way, the bathrooms have a walk-in shower and skillfully mix pebbles, slate and wood.

The breakfast room

5 The breakfast room is located in the old winery where the pulley, witness to the past, was used to bring the cellars and barrels filled with wine into the cellar.

The library

The 5 The omnipresent red in the room and is not without evoking the wine of the region. Known to stir the senses, it is associated with the anthracite gray which soothes it.