10 lighting solutions for the bathroom

10 lighting solutions for the bathroom

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The lighting in the bathroom must be looked after. Indeed, not only must the electrical installation ensure your safety and present no danger due to humidity, but it must also meet specific lighting needs. To shed light on the lighting in the bathroom, here are 20 solutions to discover in pictures.

A strip above the mirror

Paulmann Likewise, to guarantee good lighting of the mirror, you can opt for a strip to be fixed above it. Some models offer an electrical outlet hidden in the fixture to protect it from moisture.

Several strips

SLV Please note that the sliders can be multiplied to match the size of your mirror. Some strips can even be placed on the side vertically to enhance the lighting.

An integrated strip

Cedam The most design mirrors can even directly integrate a strip like this model with a light strip in its upper part. The lighting is then perfectly refined, and corresponds to the style of the room.

A light strip

SLV You will also find light strips to be installed on the ceiling in order to illuminate the bathroom in an original and design way. You thus create a real light strip.

A backlit mirror

Kramer This is the new trend in the bathroom: the backlight. LED strips are thus placed behind the mirror to create an original and very soft lighting since it is not direct. Furthermore, LEDs are a risk-free solution for the bathroom.


Jacob Delafon Of course, the backlight system can be accompanied by classic lighting composed of suspensions, for a pleasant and functional light atmosphere.

Recessed spots

SLV The recessed spotlights allow custom lighting while providing you with some security since the circuits will not be visible. The spots can be recessed both on the ceiling and in the wall.

Shower spots

Clair Azur For tailor-made lighting, the spots are therefore your allies. But for the lighting of the shower, we will prefer a rain sky directly integrating the spots in order to guarantee the good safety of the installation.

Luminous accessories

Toto Do you want to highlight your bathroom in an original way? Opt for luminous accessories that will offer you a very decorative accent light like this basin.

A mirror as a light

Siehr In this bathroom, it is the mirror that serves as a light thanks to a frame that diffuses a soft light perfect for preparing.

Several light sources

Decoration ideas To maximize the brightness of this bathroom, we adopt several light sources such as a wall lamp on the mirror and others above the wall. The whole is completed by a few LEDs under the storage.

A table lamp to complement the lighting

Aubade In this bathroom, the sconces around the mirror are completed by a table lamp which gives an intimate atmosphere.

Light fixtures above the mirror

Mirror Block Here, wall lights are installed above the mirror to provide you with targeted lighting that does nothing to detract from the very design spirit of this room.

Backlit furniture

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, we put on practical lighting above the mirror and add mood lighting with backlighting under the furniture.

Lighting like in a living room

Delpha In this bathroom, we focused as much on targeted lighting for the mirror with sconces as on a more general atmosphere with a beautiful pendant light.

Fixtures to clip onto the mirror

In this bathroom, we opted for small auxiliary lights that we clipped on the mirror to maximize the brightness to help you prepare.

LEDs behind the mirror

Leroy Merlin To light the basin of this bathroom, LEDs were placed behind the mirror in the lower part. The basin is then well lit for more practicality.

A sky of leds

Paulmann To give style to your bathroom and offer you an additional lighting, you can bet on a sky of leds which will give a very Zen atmosphere to your room and will promote relaxation.

Lighted furniture

Lapeyre Finally, to give a futuristic look to your bathroom while offering you a lighting solution, you can bet on a piece of furniture that includes lighting as with this piece of furniture whose sink seems to float.


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