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How to transform your dining room into an office?

How to transform your dining room into an office?

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For students who revise and live in the same room, those working at home or those who want to organize an office area in their living room or dining room, the editorial staff has selected 10 ideas to put into practice at home. Here is a quick overview of the concepts to pique to fit out an office in a living room.

An office in a closet

leroymerlin Mission successful if you want to make your office disappear from the living room, when the time is for conviviality and relaxation. A set of storage cupboards where the office is arranged, here is the ideal solution!

A table and a desk!

Fly Why choose between a dining table and a desk when you can have both! Practical, storage is hidden and disappears when the desk modulates into a dining room table.

The library office

MARC PHILBERT Multifunction, this creation is at the same time a screen defining the space, a library and an auxiliary office, which fits harmoniously into the whole. Source: gplusk

A central island office

homify Quite unexpected but more frequent with the development of open interiors, dining room and kitchen without delimitation, the office is here fitted out on the central island.

The tailor-made office

MARC PHILBERT Thinking upstream of the place of the office in your dining room allows you to create a tailor-made arrangement for it that fits perfectly into your interior and lets itself be forgotten. Source: gplusk

A shelving desk

leroy merlin / la redoute Very trendy, this shelf can be arranged in the dining room as desired in a very mobile way. Equipped with a tablet, it becomes the ideal support for a support desk

Desk and dining table

kibodio Opt for a monumental table that takes up space in the dining room, one side of which is devoted to the meal and the second to work. The trend is to mix functions and modularity !!

Vintage diversion

discover design The idea is to turn a console or a small old piece of furniture into a vintage desk. It gives character to the room, we associate it with a seat in desk mode, or we keep it in console, the choice is yours. Source: blog discover design

The console desk

the interior redoubt The key word is again in the mix of functionalities. The dining room is the living room par excellence, activities meet there, so we use the same for several functions. Here, the console retains a clean line and occasionally becomes a completely designer side desk!