Scandinavian style in 10 decorative tips to stitch

Scandinavian style in 10 decorative tips to stitch

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A trend that seems timeless, the Scandinavian style still appeals as much. Between design and softness, it will seduce you. Here are some tips that will help you give a Nordic atmosphere to your interior.

Nice wood details

IKEA Wood is one of the founding elements of the Scandinavian style. For a Nordic touch in this otherwise entirely white room, opt for a wooden bench at the foot of the bed.

No frills details

Maisons du Monde The Scandinavian style does not make in complicated flourishes and ornaments. As here, we opt for crockery with a sleek design, in light colors.

The practical spirit

IKEA The Scandinavian is organized and practical, all of which characterize the decoration of an interior. Here, shoe cabinets have been transformed into headboards with storage. Clever!

A cocooning spirit

IKEA The Scandinavian style is also a subtle alliance between design and cocooning. In this room with very designer lines, the curtains create a space that is both chic and pleasant.

Softness and simplicity as key words If you decide to change the decor to adopt the Scandinavian style, be careful not to use decorative elements that would cut too much, without falling into the mundane or gloomy. This pretty cream carpet with 3D print.

Animal softness to stay warm

Maisons du Monde Sheepskins - true or false - will always find their place in a Scandinavian interior. At the foot of the bed or on a chair, they bring softness and cocooning spirit to our interior.

Originality by touches

Maisons du Monde Who says Scandinavian says simplicity and clean lines. However, this does not prevent the adoption of design and original pieces. We love this tripod floor lamp with geometric lines sold at Maisons du Monde.

Dominant white With white, you can't go wrong. It is definitely the color of choice for the Scandinavian style. Don't let that prevent you from adding a few colorful touches to your interior!

Pastel notes

3 Suisses Do you find the Scandinavian atmospheres too neutral in terms of colors? No problem because the pastel colors suit him very well. We even call it the hygge spirit which brings colors into this trend.