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Warhol-style decor

Warhol-style decor

The legendary Pop art icon, Andy Warhol never ceases to inspire decor. His colorful serigraphs are now available in all forms of decorative accessories, without counting on imitations which, if they do not match his work, pay him a beautiful tribute. A quick overview of these Warhol-style accessories, not authentic, but indeed imbued with his artistic touch, recognizable among all.

A Warhol-style poster

Paragraph ### If this screenprint by Vespas is not the one Andy Warhol signed, however, this poster is strongly inspired by it. A very pop touch that awakens the bedroom walls while giving it a hell of a dose of style!

A Warhol-style sticker

Dezign ### Another idea to choose between Andy Warhol's style in decoration without necessarily buying a reproduction of his work: choose a sticker evoking the famous Campbell soups screen-printed by the artist. This is the case with this giant adhesive on which appears a canned tomato soup which strangely reminds us of another…

Personal Warhol-style photography

Dezign ### Certain websites such as that of Dezign offer the possibility of obtaining, on poster or canvas, the photo of your choice Warhol version. Just download the desired image on the site and you get a personalized pop-art work faithful to the image of the color portraits of Marilyn, Che Guevara or Mickey!

Warhol cushion

Fly ### No, Warhol did not screen print this phone. And yet, at the sight of it, it is the pope of Pop art that we think. Colorful at will, urban, with a little retro air: this decorative object is one of a thousand and one variations of the style designed by the artist himself. We love !