The mosaic invests the house!

The mosaic invests the house!

In the house, the walls but also the floor can take a very decorative dimension thanks to the mosaic, this decorative art which uses fragments of tiling. Discover in pictures some uses of the mosaic.

The mosaic for a design style

Saint Maclou ### The mosaic is also used to bring a design and very sophisticated style in the bathroom. We then choose very small tiles in colors like black, white and gray. The alternation of colors then brings a very graphic style.

The mosaic for a decorative credenza

Saint Maclou ### The mosaic also allows you to create very decorative effects wherever tile installation is possible! So, you can use the mosaic to create a very colorful splashback with red, blue and white.

The mosaic also settles on the ground

Saint Maclou ### Keep in mind that the mosaic is not only installed on the wall! You can also choose this type of tiling on the floor. And note that you can even choose a vinyl floor that mimics the mosaic to create a decorative effect in the blink of an eye.

The XXL version mosaic

Monsieur Bricolage ### Note that you can also create a mosaic effect with larger tiles. It will then be enough to alternate the different colors to create a pattern within the tiling. This will create a certain dynamic on the wall.