The decor likes numbers

The decor likes numbers

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In decoration, the alphabet trend leaves its place to the "number" trend. From cushions to walls to dishes, figures are everywhere and stand out. Difficult then to ignore these characters that punctuate the decor from the top of their little graphic air. So what is waiting to draw the right number?

A number, a cloth

Fly ### Because in the kitchen, it is on accessories and utensils that we allow ourselves a fancy zest, this is a tea towel that should be successful! Numbered in color, it brings its original touch to the room.

Stencil figures

### Paint stenciled figures on each door: this is an idea that has style when trying to energize a corridor that is a little too wise! The effect is twofold: on the practical side, guests can find their way around easily, and on the decorative side, we love the ultra-graphic rendering a bit offbeat!

Cushions get the right number

AM.PM ### The cushions are armed with a secret code. Numbered with a series of black or fluorescent numbers, they perfectly boost the sofa. It's trendy, young and trendy.

Numbered metal plates

AM.PM ### Notice to lovers of retro objects! You should like the numbered metal plates here. Directly inspired by the old nameplates, they will not go unnoticed on the wall ...