Bedroom: choose the right furniture

Bedroom: choose the right furniture

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Bed, wardrobe, lamp ... we all relatively need the same objects in terms of furniture in our rooms. Yet there are dozens of different versions each time. Editing helps you sort through and ask the right questions.


Paragraph This is a detail which must be given importance. Formerly limited to a decorative function, the headboard has become practical and even useful. It can for example replace a bedside table or become a small bookcase at hand.


Ikéa Chest of drawers or cupboards, walk-in closets or wardrobes, everyone has their choice, but you have to make one. Remember that the costumes and dresses do not fold and will need to be hung. On the other hand, underwear and t-shirts will find their place in a drawer.


Ikéa After a long day, you only want to throw your clothes on the floor and go to bed? The solution, an armchair in a corner of the room. You can put your clothes on or sit there for a reading break.

Household linen

Ikéa Depending on the tastes of each, it is difficult to choose. If you cannot agree at all, you can decide to alternate: for a week, madam chooses a liberty bed set with pink flowers, the following week it is the gentleman who makes the bed with a cloth of a more masculine house. No jealous and everyone is happy.


Ikéa Masterpiece of the bedroom, it must be chosen with particular care. Do not hesitate to invest in the mattress and box spring for quality sleep. Also note that a mattress should be changed every ten years or so.


Ikéa If you don't have shutters or you can't stand the light, heavy dark curtains can be an alternative. Note that they will also have a decorative role in your room!


Ikéa Pratique it is used to remove your watch or bracelets before going to bed. It also generally accommodates an alarm clock or a lamp. We choose it in harmony with the decor of the room.


Maison du monde If you read a lot, you naturally need a library to store all your books. If you read little, it can become like here, a showcase for your decorative items.

Dressing table

Maison du monde An object reserved for ladies, it is there that they will make a beauty in the morning before leaving to work. Just like the rest of the furniture, we choose it according to the decor to stay in harmony.

A convenient end of bed

Alinéa To optimize the space in the bedroom as much as possible, we install a convenient bed end. We put a few decorative items on it and put our clothes there with ease!

Ingenious storage

Alinéa In a small bedroom, opt for clever furniture such as this bed which compiles a functional headboard, practical storage drawers and shelves! We love !

Natural blinds

Alinéa A great alternative to curtains: blinds! They play it natural by opting for a beige color and blend perfectly with the decor of this room with a Zen look.

A practical library

Ikea You don't know where to store all your books? What if you installed them in the bedroom like a headboard? Thus, nothing is left lying on the floor and your wall does not need any additional decorative element.

Decorative and practical shelves

Ikea In a room that does not have enough square centimeters to accommodate bedside tables, bet on the shelf option above the bed! Practical, but also very decorative when it matches the rest of the furniture.

A graphic carpet

Ikea To energize the room or to warm the decor, consider placing a decorative carpet. We particularly like this blue and white striped model placed very close to the bed!

A decoration trunk

Alinéa Installed as a bedside table, placed to create a bed end or simply stored near the wall, the trunk is the new decorative and storage ally for trendy bedrooms.

An original veil

Ikea The contemporary version of the canopy bed seduced this room in the blink of an eye. This veil is suspended from the ceiling to create an aerial and seaside universe as we like it.

Paper suspensions

Alinéa Decorative element not to be overlooked in the bedroom: the pendant lights! This season, we like them delicate, light to air the decor and give it a poetic note.

Storage lockers

Ikea In a small room that could not accommodate a dresser due to lack of space, we invest the walls with these handy lockers. Books, green plants and alarm clocks take place there.