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The Derby Alma hotel, a chic setting in Paris

The Derby Alma hotel, a chic setting in Paris

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A stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysées, the Derby Alma hotel, recently renovated by the interior architecture agency ID. Associated, offers a neo-classical setting and welcomes a decoration that is both contemporary and warm. This new identity combines elegance and Parisian chic. Guided tour…

Classic and chic decor for the bedrooms

Derby Alma A shades of light and neutral colors reign supreme in the rooms. It is enhanced by touches of fuchsia pink for a fruity and colorful note.

The spirit of the place remains

Derby Alma All the hotel rooms are decorated in the same spirit. Here, we like the architectural wink with the round window kept in the bedroom which reminds us that we are in an old building.

Elegance is the watchword

Derby Alma The rooms subtly combine contemporary elegance, quality materials and timelessness in the decoration. Leaving aside the race for trends to offer timeless interiors that we never tire of.

A classic facade

Derby Alma As soon as you enter the hotel, the tone is set! Classic and typically Parisian facade. Very close to the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysées, the Derby-Alma hotel even offers easy access to museums.

A relaxing and intimate setting

Derby Alma In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, the breakfast room skilfully mixes colors. The taupe walls are warmed by the warm orange color and are enhanced by the purple carpet. A harmonious and cozy whole.

Less is more!

Derby Alma Favorite for the contemporary washbasin in a wash house spirit. Its clean lines and slightly gray material provide a beautiful visual balance.

The hotel suite

Derby Alma With its adjoining living room, the suite uses the same decor codes as the bedrooms. Soft carpet, velvet seats, wooden furniture provide a chic and elegant setting, without ostentation.