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Vertbaudet: discover the new products for 2014-2015

Vertbaudet: discover the new products for 2014-2015

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To please the little ones from the start of the school year, it is time to think about offering them some new things in their room. Vertbaudet has thought of all their desires but also yours by offering practical and functional furniture, seaside or retro style, for girls as for boys. Discover our 10 favorites in pictures.

Storage for the bedroom

Vertbaudet In the boys' room, we play on the contrary with more frank colors like blue and red. Above all, we prefer storage so that nothing is lying around: a bedside table, a chest and shelves will not be too much!

Scalable beds

Vertbaudet To avoid having to invest in a bed every two years, bet on an evolutionary model which grows at the same time as your child. Choose it white, it will have the advantage of being suitable for both a girl and a boy.

A well thought out bunk bed

Vertbaudet Are your children going to have to share a room? This is no longer a problem with this bunk bed that has thought of everything. A shelf unfolds above the bottom bed when doing homework, storage shelves slide under the stairs. Space saving and practicality are there.

Marine atmosphere in the room

Vertbaudet The marine style has the advantage of satisfying the desires of little boys as well as little girls. Striped bed linen, light wooden furniture, some accessories representative of the sea like a small decorative lighthouse, and voila!

A seaside style for babies

Vertbaudet The seaside style can also be found in the baby's room with pretty white furniture and a wardrobe that looks like a small beach cabin. To complete the atmosphere, opt for blue decorative objects and a light gray wall.

Clean furniture

Vertbaudet In the nursery, play the simplicity. Opt for white furniture with clean lines to create a fresh and soothing atmosphere. We love this bed with bars mounted on two small wooden legs.

A star sky

Vertbaudet Your child has an explorer's soul? Offer him this bed composed of a canvas representing the starry sky. It is sure that he will imagine the most beautiful trips once lying down.

Convenient desks for homework

Vertbaudet Your two little blond heads share a room, and the return to school is fast approaching, you don't know how to create space for them each. Easy with this bunk bed and these two small desks that you can easily slide everywhere.

Multifunctional furniture

Vertbaudet To best optimize the smallest cm2 of your little one's bedroom, bet on multifunctional furniture. A bed under which a drawer is slid, as well as a chest bed end will offer you additional and very practical storage spaces.