Les 3 Suisses unveils their fall / winter 2013-2014 collection

Les 3 Suisses unveils their fall / winter 2013-2014 collection

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For its new collection, the 3 Suisses are not lacking in creativity! The brand offers furniture and accessories with trendy lines and colors to bring its home to the time of the fall / winter season which will soon be there. Discover what's new in pictures to keep you ready for the start of the new school year.

Natural and retro materials

3 Suisses Retro too is still at its peak on the trend side. Suddenly, we will find this season armchairs with vintage lines that give pride of place to natural materials such as rattan.

Family furniture

3 Suisses The trend for the next season is also conviviality! And for that, Les 3 Suisses offers XXL sofas that will adapt to all the family and which can be composed according to your tastes.

Furniture for small spaces

3 Suisses Small spaces are not left out and you can also find small trendy sofas that will give style to the studios. We also like the Scandinavian-inspired coffee table and the very designer floor lamp.

Practical furniture

3 Suisses And always to optimize the space, the furniture is practical: the table is not too large to accommodate guests without obstructing traffic and storage is stacked for a custom decoration!

Soothing lines

3 Suisses In the bedroom, Les 3 Suisses has a zen and soothing atmosphere without leaving design aside. This gives gray white wooden furniture and clean lines that invite you to rest.

Original furniture

3 Suisses If you want a more original style, you will also find your happiness in this new collection by choosing for example this ideal bed frame to place your bed in the center of the room. And we necessarily fall for colorful bed linen.

A playful bathroom

3 Suisses The bathroom also has the right to its new collection. On the program: original and colorful furniture that will be very practical to optimize the storage of the room while giving it a playful style.

Contemporary wood

3 Suisses To offer your home a warm atmosphere that will help you spend the next winter, bet on wood with this collection of clear furniture that offers very contemporary lines.

Industrial trend

3 Suisses This season, the industrial trend is settling down. We then opt for less raw furniture and wooden bistro chairs rather than metal models. Industrial yes, but warmer!