Which carpet to choose for the child's room?

Which carpet to choose for the child's room?

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For a soft and playful children's room, we choose rugs with original shapes and patterns that will appeal to the little ones. Here are some children's rooms where the carpet creates the decor!

Carpets with their favorite hero

La Redoute ### If your child particularly likes a cartoon character, you can offer him a carpet that uses his hero as a motif. You can easily find rugs with Disney characters or even the little Hello Kitty cat.

Carpets that make you smile

Fly ### To make the carpets cheerful in the bedroom, bet on carpets that feature smiley faces with funny eyes and a mischievous smile. The rugs will give a very lively touch to the floor.

Carpets for little geeks

Fly ### Potential little geeks also have their carpet! For fans of video games, we opt for rugs that use the codes of the games as patterns. On the program: messages like Game Over or emblematic characters.

Carpets for playing

La Redoute ### In children's bedrooms, be aware that carpets can also be real playmats! For girls, you will find hopscotch carpets and for boys carpets that transform into a car circuit.