Great ideas for small apartments

Great ideas for small apartments

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When space is desired, there are tips that can save a few precious square meters. Beyond storage and sorting, discover our 10 decorative ideas to give the impression that your space is larger. Light, painting, smart furniture are at your service to make your life more pleasant.

Optical illusion

Leroy Merlin Play with color to blur the tracks and give the impression that your room is larger. Clear colors are of course to be preferred but not only! One or two bands of a more sustained shade will bring depth to your room.

The light

Leroy Merlin You can quickly feel cramped in a small apartment. The solution consists in playing with the lighting of the niches or shelves to work the volumes and thus modify the perception of the room.

Think light to move and reposition objects

Ikea Sort and tidy up are of course necessary to clear the house. But have you thought about the containers? They are to choose light! Plastic or cardboard boxes are to be preferred so as not to prevent handling them.

A space-saving office

Ikea Your apartment is modest in size and you must have overlooked the office area. Good news, you will be able to bring out your pens and notebooks thanks to this desk on wheels that moves wherever you want and that hides the workspace in a jiffy with its panel that folds down.

Everything has its place

Ikea When square meters are scarce, we have the annoying tendency to pile everything up. So as not to waste time looking for everything, think carefully about storage. Here, we appreciate the compartmentalized drawers which allow optimal storage and at the same time save time.

Put in contrast mat paint and gloss paint

Leroy Merlin Matt paint absorbs light while glossy finishes reflect it. Also play with this light effect to give volume to your space and thus give the impression that it is larger.

A ground that returns the light

Leroy Merlin The shiny resin reflects light throughout the room and provides a feeling of space. Resistant to impact and abrasion, it is very easy to maintain.

A room for two without stepping on your feet

Leroy Merlin You can't always buy bigger and when space runs out, tensions are felt. Soothe the general atmosphere by dividing the children's room with panels provided for this purpose. Easy to install and without work, they are also customizable.

Green your window sills to extend the view

Leroy Merlin Save a few more square centimeters by flowering your windows. They are a breath of fresh air that accompany your gaze to the outside.