New bins for making your paintings

New bins for making your paintings

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When you start painting, it is better to have the right tools to make your job easier. Aware of this, Nespoli is creating a new range of paint trays for small and large jobs. Presentation.

A bin to carry

Nespoli ### For small and medium-sized areas, the portable container prevents bending down to access the paint. The bin is placed on the forearm and is easily transported thanks to lateral holding handles which ensure stability. Easy Touch 3.89 euros and 4.89 euros.

A spin grid and an integrated gutter

Nespoli ### And for more practicality, a gutter located along the wringing grid collects the paint and routes it to the tank of the tank for better paint quality and no loss. Easy Touch 3.89 euros and 4.89 euros.

The capacity of a paint bucket

Nespoli ### For small areas, this portable bin is ideal. It is designed to integrate a 0.5L can of paint in its interior or for direct pouring of paint inside. Easy Touch Pot 3.99 euros.

Practical option

Nespoli ### The extra large bucket can be enriched with a clip-on spin grid for efficient spin. The surplus then falls directly back into the bin to save paint. At the back of the grid, you can hang mini rollers and brushes to take a break. Spin grid 3.79 euros.

Large capacity and stability

Nespoli ### To paint a large area, the extra large bucket has a flared shape and a large capacity. Available in 10L or 16L, this bucket has a capacity 20% higher than standard buckets. Everything is very stable to prevent accidents. Extra large bucket 8.99 euros and 10.99 euros.