Clever storage for bottles

Clever storage for bottles

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If you are a great wine lover or you often have friends over for dinner, you should certainly have several vintages in your home. In order to store them in good conditions of conservation but also to enhance them, there are several alternatives to the traditional wine cabinet. But beware, even if it becomes a decorative element, we remind you that alcohol is to be consumed in moderation!

An unusual DIY

Ripping Moms On the Ripping Moms blog, you will find a simple DIY to create an original and inexpensive bottle rack from cans. Just paint and assemble these boxes, once empty and washed, and voila!

A wall structure

caractériELLE To store many bottles of wine without necessarily putting them in the cellar, you can opt for this kind of very modern storage. The bottles slip into and out of each compartment just as easily.

For ski lovers

La Cave Dourthe If you love art, wine and skiing, this bottle rack should make you happy. Marketed exclusively by the brand La Cave Dourthe, it has the shape of ski poles placed high and allows you to store your bottles nicely while having a decorative object in its own right.

Design storage

Ikea This wall storage for four bottles is very simple but very practical for storing your grands crus without locking them in a cabinet. You will be able to enjoy your cellar more, as will your guests.

A decorative bottle holder

Boutique Cellier This model of aluminum bottle rack surprises with its original shape. You can install it in the center of the table, on a piece of furniture or in a kitchen and store up to nine wines there. * Price: 64 euros *

Store your wine in a wall

DR This is an unusual idea, but resolutely design. In this residence, recesses in the shape of a circle have been dug in a section of wall in order to accommodate bottles of wine. Play on the sizes of the circles to create a visually interesting installation.

A column of wine

Wijnpaal The Dutch brand Wijnpaal creates bottle racks, more or less high, to fix on the floor and on the ceiling and to place in your kitchen or in your living room. You can install them in a corner or in the middle of a room. * Price: from 129 to 159 euros depending on the dimensions *

One size bottle holder

Luckies of London The concern with wine bottles is that they are not necessarily the same size, especially if you collect magnums for example. This magic wine bottle holder, on sale on Amazon, has been designed for all sizes of your wines and whatever their filling. One has the impression that the bottle stands alone in the air! * Price: 26.31 euros *

Removable storage

Ikea This Hutten wooden structure of the Ikea brand can contain several bottles of wine and thus replace a dedicated piece of furniture or a cellar. The little extra? It can move in order to be stored. * Price: 13.50 euros *


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