A dream location for a glamorous wedding

A dream location for a glamorous wedding

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There are those who have kept their dream of a little girl: to marry like a princess. To make this fairy tale a reality, the reception of weddings in a classic place is to be avoided. To celebrate the happy event, we want a place that sparkles, a magical and elegant setting. So that "love" rhymes with "glamor".

A lounge for elegant weddings

The Kennedy Lounge Both rustic and contemporary, the Kennedy Salons offer a prestigious setting for an exceptional wedding. The space is bright, candles dot the tables, when glamor is combined with romanticism, we love it!

A wedding at the Pyramids

Les Pyramides As their name suggests, Les Pyramides reception halls rise like their Egyptian cousins ​​on the banks of the Seine. The atmosphere is chic and the decor distinguished. Your wedding can only be magical and unforgettable.

Paxton Residence

Résidence Paxton Residence of character, the elegance of Paxton is charming at first sight. Located 30 minutes from Paris, this place embodies luxury in a contemporary and confidential atmosphere. The wedding ceremony promises to be very chic. Most ? The presence of a spa for even more happiness and pleasure for lovers.

A waterfront wedding

Pearl Beach A wedding in Saint Tropez with your feet in the water? You are in the skin of a starlet for the happiest day of your life. Direct access to the Mediterranean, swimming pool, palm trees, exotic decor and luxury: the Pearl Beach is a place of prestige, worthy of an ultra glamorous and select wedding.