10 configurations for the vanity unit

10 configurations for the vanity unit

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Centerpiece of the bathroom, the vanity unit will set the tone for your space. And to meet all your desires, the configurations and forms of the latter are multiple! To give you an idea of ​​the possibilities, here are 10 inspirations in pictures!

A wall-mounted washbasin cabinet

Paragraph For a piece of furniture that is truly the centerpiece of the bathroom, we choose a nice size model that extends to the wall. Complete, it includes the mirror, storage and of course the sink. To complete it, you can still add a column in the same style.

A destructured washbasin cabinet

Delpha To play the originality card and opt for a design and graphic rendering, this basin unit seems to be cut in half. The two parts are slightly offset to accentuate the graphic effect.

A washbasin cabinet separated in two

Inda To bring a very graphic style to your bathroom, you can bet on an even more unstructured washbasin cabinet. Here, it is installed in a corner at the top and responds to another perpendicular piece of furniture which finds its place below.

An invisible washbasin cabinet

Inda If you prefer that the vanity unit be discreet, you can opt for a simple worktop in a shelving style on which will find its place one or two basins which will then have the air in suspension.

A discreet piece of furniture

Lineart If you want your washbasin cabinet to play the card of discretion, you can also opt for a cabinet that looks like a storage cabinet whose sink is integrated into the top.

A double washbasin cabinet

Jacob Delafon To make your vanity unit functional above all, we can double it! Here, the furniture is adorned with a large work plan that can accommodate two basins to meet the needs of the family.

Corner washbasin cabinet

Sanijura If you want to install your washbasin in a corner, know that there are also washbasin cabinets provided for this purpose. You can then optimize the space of your bathroom!

A vanity unit that is not one

Leroy Merlin To play it retro, we zap the vanity unit in favor of a metal structure that accommodates your large basin. We forget the storage in favor of style!

A practical washbasin cabinet

Ikea Finally, for those who lack space, also think of the washbasins that allow you to integrate the washing machine and thus take up less space in the room.


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