A very glamorous bathroom

A very glamorous bathroom

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Are you looking for ideas to decorate a bathroom in a glamorous way? Light on five styles only reserved for women…

Offbeat glamor

Mobalpa ** Well-tempered character for this bathroom with round mirror, furniture decorated with polka dots and walls decorated with scribbled silver patterns. Everything here reveals the complexity of the feminine mood… **

Red and black glamor

Mobalpa ** Black mosaic tiles awakened with touches of passion red: this is the decor secret of this very chic bathroom. For those who love glamor mixed with a zest of sobriety. **

Glamorous delicacy

Hygena ** The hallmarks of this resolutely "star" bathroom? Hanging furniture, lightness, glass basin and the final touch: the mirror with integrated spotlights. The atmosphere is sweet, intimate, and absolutely feminine. Everything to crack! **

Glamor blackcurrant

Espace Aubade ** Presentation of a bathroom enhanced by the blackcurrant color of the furniture. The flower patterns complete this atmosphere with a very feminine charm. Let yourself be seduced! **