20 decking ideas for the terrace

20 decking ideas for the terrace

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Summer is definitely here and makes us return to the terrace! In this very particular part of the house, it is the floor covering that creates the decor, so you might as well choose it! To help you find the one that best suits your style but also the surface of your outdoor space and the use you have of it, here is our selection of floor coverings for the terrace. All you have to do is make your choice!

White gravel to wake up the garden


If you do not want to completely cover your terrace with gray gravel, opt for small white pebbles, to be placed only at the level of a seat or a bench to make a contrast between the grass and the relaxation area. Be careful however to clean them regularly with a water jet.

A wooden slatted terrace


Wood does not always have its traditional color. Here, the terrace is more design thanks to a floor covering in gray tones. Monochrome furniture (black or white for example) will complete this modern and elegant look in which it is good to live.

Lino flooring


Linoleum is not necessarily the most used material for outdoor spaces, but it has the advantage of being soft and therefore ideal if your children often play on your terrace. And you can walk barefoot without worry!

A terrace as an extension of the garden


What if you didn't install flooring on your patio? If you are lucky enough to have an abundant garden and a shimmering lawn, it will be a shame to deprive yourself of it! Instead, create a demarcated space with outdoor furniture or a sun lounger and let nature take over.

A brick terrace

Fotolia / Unclesam

For a raw appearance, the red brick terrace is a good solution, especially if you live in a sunny region. Do not hesitate to bring even more color to your outdoor space with a parasol or a vitaminized lounge chair.

Putting in an outdoor rug


In order to have a warmer space, you can put a carpet on your terrace - provided of course that it is tiled, concrete, wood or linoleum. You will have a cozy corner to have a drink with friends or dine outdoors on summer evenings.

A bright terrace


In this wooden floor covering, you can embed LED lights on the steps to be better lit after the sun goes down. It is much more practical and secure if you are used to organizing dinners outside but also for your children.

Create a path in your garden

Leroy Merlin

Beyond the covering of your terrace, also think of creating concrete or tiled steps to be able to walk in the grass more easily and not to go inside your house with your shoes full of mud! Don't thank us.

A bitumen terrace


For a rough and urban terrace in a loft, a bitumen coating will give a contemporary atmosphere and an industrial style. Warm the space with wooden garden furniture, cushions and if possible paint a section of wall in a warm shade.

A composite wooden terrace

Leroy Merlin

Composite wood is a mixture of natural fibers and polyethylene which gives a very contemporary look to the terrace thanks to an aspect without knot or vein. It is also rot-proof to last over time and withstand bad weather.

A gravel terrace


If you want a more natural style, why not opt ​​for gravel that will define the terrace. This will be ideal if you have an old house that you do not want to alter.

A wooden terrace

Leroy Merlin

For a natural and very warm style, you can opt for a wooden terrace. The veins and knots will bring character to the whole while being very timeless.

A white stone terrace

Leroy Merlin

For an authentic style, you can bet on white stone which particularly finds its place on a south terrace. And note that this is also suitable around a swimming pool.

A reconstructed stone terrace


For a terrace that has character while being ultra practical, you can opt for slate look tiles in reconstituted Burgundy limestone. The real plus is the anti-stain treatment for a coating that lasts.

A stone slab terrace


And if you want a lighter stone but with just as much character, you will find many finishes of stone slabs to find a coating that will match your style.

A tiled terrace


If you want a terrace that is easy to live in while being contemporary, you can opt for tiling. Then choose XXL tiles and a trendy natural color for a top terrace. Ask for a quote for your patio and a quote for tiling.

A synthetic grass terrace


If you want greenery, synthetic grass is for you! A real alternative to real grass, it acts like a trompe l'oeil and offers you unparalleled comfort and ease of maintenance.

A concrete terrace


For a modern terrace that can accommodate both designer and natural furniture, concrete gives you a smooth and clean look for a terrace that is overlooked in favor of the view.

A cement tile terrace


Finally, if you want an original terrace, why not opt ​​for patterned cement tiles. You can limit yourself to a single pattern but can also play the patchwork card with countless variations.


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